Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Judy Bloome

Not sure if any of you read the Judy Bloome books when you were a young teen. I can't remember which book it was by Judy Bloome but it was about this preteen girl that was going through puberty. She was one of the last girls to get her period. When she finally got hers, she was so very excited. In case you are wondering where I am going with this, my waiting for ralvery reminds me of that preteen girl in the book. All of my friends got into ralvery! I just checked the list, there are 851 people ahead of me. I can't wait to get my invitation to ralvery. The waiting is painful!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

On the block!

I'm done with this shawl. I knitted this up using Cascade's Jewel hand dyed wool. The textures were nice to knit. I especially liked the thicker part of the yarn. Right now it is wet and being blocked on my ironing boards.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Crafty friends!

The cute kitty hat was knitted by Donna. She used the pattern from Stitch 'N Bitch. The furry penguin was knitted by Sandy. The sweet cupcake was knitted by Nanea. Her daughter is having a cupcake themed birthday party so she's been knitting these cupcakes up....very cute.


My Donna shawl got 10 rows frogged this morning. I noticed a huge hole the size of a quarter. No matter how much I denied it, it just had to be frogged! It got put back on the needles and all is well again. It is so not easy taking lace off the needles and trying to put things back together again but I am glad I did.

Meet Hercules

Hercules is watching my daughter grabbing biscuits from the cupboard! Maggie, our lab is laying in the back there.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Anne....or should I name my shawl Donna?

I bought this Shaefer yarn yesterday. It will be used for a KnitAlong at Aloha Yarn. So far, Nanea, Cathy, Donna...and ummm, now me will be knitting up a shawl using a Koigu pattern. The pretty mohair blend you see in the front are two hanks that I could not get my eyes off yesterday at SNB at Aloha Yarn. It is so soft and very pretty. I think I will name this shawl Donna since she has tempted me into knitting it. Her shawl is comming out lovely. The color she picked out is very pretty.

Teacher gifts

I'm making these for teacher gifts.

Knitted cupcakes

Here are some cupcakes knitted up the other night.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Some shawls and wraps.

I knitted this brown shawl using pandora yarn. Very pretty yarn but a major pain to knit. It kept sticking to my fingers the whole time. I actually used bandaides just so I could knit it up.
I used some Noro silk garden an some other yarn (can't remember the name) for this shawl.
I used Crystal Palace shag along with some fizz yarn to knit this up.

Work in Progress

I knitted this up using Cascade's Sierra Quatro. The armpit area is too tight so it will go to my daughter when she gets older. I still need to knit the hood that goes on it.

This is the first shrug I've knitted up.

I knitted this up using Crystal Palace's Merino Stripes.

Another pic

Here's another pic of my new tattoo. It's done on the inside of my left upper ankle area.

My cover up tattoo

I got a tattoo done when I was 19 years old of a purple rose in a heart. As I've matured, I decided that I really wanted my favorite flower the plumeria tattooed. I didn't want to get another tattoo done so I decided to cover up the purple rose and heart. I have to say, getting this tattoo done was pretty painful but I am very happy with it. I'll take more pics of it once it is healed. Billy Whitney over at 808 tattoo was the artist that did my work. My Purley Girl Lisa and her daughter came along and kept me company and gave lots of reassurance.

Just started this Moonlight pattern 10-10-7

I'm using Cascade's Jewel wool.

Merino Stripes

I knitted this up last year using Crystal Palace's Merino Stripes in Fern.

Silk Scarf

I knitted this up using Debbie Bliss 100% Pure Silk

Eric and Kino

Here's a picture of my husband Eric and my 7 year old son Kino having fun at Ruby Tuesday's. I don't know why but Kino insists Ruby Tuesdays Mac and Cheese is way better than mine!


My little Princess.

My Princess

This Jessie, my 5 year old. She must of been in a chocolate mood today. She dressed herself all in brown and decided to have a chocolate poptart for breakfast.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Knitting friends projects

Here are some pics taken today at our knitting group over at Aloha Yarn. The top pic is of Cathy. She is using Cascade Sierra Quatro for her top. The pattern is from Fitted Knits. Its comming out just lovely. The photo under hers is Donna's very soft mohair. She is knitting up this pretty yarn in Feather and Fan. The pic under that is Sandy's rabbit that she will be felting up. The bottom photo is of Nanea's enterlac using Noro's aurora. I just love those colors. I should of taken more pics. There were 4 other ladies there too. They are teachers and are on break right now so I probably won't get to see them until Christmas break.

Meet Mariana

Mariana is a woman my Purley Girl Lisa aka Moon and I met at the Starbucks in Enchanted Lake. She asked Lisa and I if we could fix her ripped ended dress. She is houseless so her garments tend to get snagged from the trees and bushes. There were so many rips in that dress that we thought it would be hard to knit it back into place like she wanted us to. Instead we taught her how to knit. Every now and then she sews threads to her torn dress. Right now, she is working on knitting pants. She is using 100% cotton. It's coming along good actually. She's made a bunch of Icords that she uses as ties. The photo on top is of her knitting her pants. Every week or so, I take my kids to play at the Keolu park. This is where Mariana sleeps. When she sees me there, she runs to the bushes to get out her knitting and her mat and joins me at the park and we both knit. I also bump into her at the Starbucks in Enchanted lake and she likes to sit and knit and talk story. The bottom pic is of her holding up my enterlac wrap.
Mariana is very interesting. Clearly, she suffers from some mental disorder as she hears voices talking to her. But for the most part, she is very coherent. Her memory is unbelieveable. She has certainly been through allot during her life. In the past, she was married and as several kids. All her kids were taken away from her because she was living at the beach. She keeps talking about her husband that she hasn't seen in 15 years. It's actually relaxing hanging out with her and knitting.

Monday, October 1, 2007

One of my favorites

The pattern is a combo. I used the body from "Fitted Knits" and used the parasol lace pattern from my Knit Cafe book. Love both books BTW. I decided to use Cascade's Sierra Quatro for this sweater.