Thursday, October 18, 2007

Anne....or should I name my shawl Donna?

I bought this Shaefer yarn yesterday. It will be used for a KnitAlong at Aloha Yarn. So far, Nanea, Cathy, Donna...and ummm, now me will be knitting up a shawl using a Koigu pattern. The pretty mohair blend you see in the front are two hanks that I could not get my eyes off yesterday at SNB at Aloha Yarn. It is so soft and very pretty. I think I will name this shawl Donna since she has tempted me into knitting it. Her shawl is comming out lovely. The color she picked out is very pretty.


Moon said...

Brat! U do all kinds of things without me!!!!!!!!!!!! wahhhhh!
Beautiful yarn though...Im peagreen jealous.
xxoo Me

Tia said...

Chickee Poo, I will print up the pattern for you. It's not too bad. Cathy has made 2 I think. I know you've got some Anne stash. I'm using my Addie Lace size 6. The other ladies are using size 7's.

tisjewel said...

The mohair is gorgeous! Love the soft halo that it has. Have you thought about selling your knits? Like on etsy? You do such beautiful work!

deeknits said...

Teehee, maybe you can name it "The Enabler!" It will be gorgeous and you'll probably have it finished before everyone else. Sharon joined the KAL. And tell Miss Moon that there is a spot on the bus for her and her Anne, too! See ya!