Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Knitting friends projects

Here are some pics taken today at our knitting group over at Aloha Yarn. The top pic is of Cathy. She is using Cascade Sierra Quatro for her top. The pattern is from Fitted Knits. Its comming out just lovely. The photo under hers is Donna's very soft mohair. She is knitting up this pretty yarn in Feather and Fan. The pic under that is Sandy's rabbit that she will be felting up. The bottom photo is of Nanea's enterlac using Noro's aurora. I just love those colors. I should of taken more pics. There were 4 other ladies there too. They are teachers and are on break right now so I probably won't get to see them until Christmas break.


tisjewel said...

Hi Teresa, I meant to get back to you after you left a comment on my blog months ago, but I kept getting distracted so just forgot! So sorry! Grandma sent me the link to your blog, and I've added it to my blog roll :) So will try to keep in touch more. Your knits are gorgeous! I especially love the fitted knits & parasol lace sweater - just beautiful! Are you on yet? If not it's actually quite an interesting online community - there's a waiting list to get in and it's in beta mode, but still lots to see for all fiber artists.

You look great! Well keep in touch!


Tia said...

Hi Julie. Thanks for visiting my blog. I love your site. You do awesome work girl! I was just telling my friends today about the purse you knitted up. It looked like there was some tull in it. You are very talented. Please give a hug to your mom for me.

Moon said...

Im so happy you started a blog!!! The enterlac looks psychotic! Nanea asked me if I wanted to give it a go with you all and you know what I said...nuh-uh!
xoxoxox me