Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Humble beginings of my Forest Path Stole


Agnes said...

It's looking great. :)

fredknits said...

Humble beginnings...hmph, I think we all know about your super knitting powers. The rest of us get by with our mere mortal abilities, while you go zipping along. I didn't know that Superman had a cousin in Hawaii named Tia who was really SuperKnittingGirl! Have a good one and will try to keep your identity a secret! D

Tia said...

Thanks Agnes. I just got done with another tier, I used Cascade's Sierra in pink. For the next tier, I'm going to use Cascades Venezia in a cream color. We shall see if it looks okay. The color change will keep it interesting for me. It will take a while to complete this stole for sure.
Donna girl you crack me up. We need to knit soon. When is your next day off?