Sunday, November 18, 2007

Forest Path Stole

Here is a pic of my beginning of the Forest Path Stole. I've knitted up all my base triangles, including my right triangle. Now I can start on my lace knitting :) I don't like to read charts, so I wrote out all three patterns in a little notebook. I'm using Cascade Venezia. It is wool and silk. I have a feeling this stole won't need much blocking. We will see.


Agnes said...

Nice! The project may take some time to finish (since it is large and the patterns become repetitive at some point), but all you need is perseverance. The final product would be very lovely. You seem to have a good start. Happy Knitting.

Moon said...

Ever the voracious knitter! Girl, you have my utmost respect in your knitting prowess, I am not worthy...I am not!
xo Me