Saturday, December 15, 2007

In the Holiday mood :)

I took a few days break from my FPS to knit up some cupcakes for friends at work. I put a few floral beads in the cupcakes to give it a nice soft smell. I hope my friends will like it! I also had to show you all Jessie's gingerbread man. She let me have one foot! It was so delicious. My son Kino made a gingerbread house at school. My husband left it on a stand outside. When we got home from taking the kids to swimming lessons, one of my dogs ate his gingerbread house!


sandy said...

Great cupcakes!! Did you crochet the tops? Costco has gingerbread house kits to make. Perhaps your son could make another one....too bad it got eaten but I bet it was really enjoyed!

Tia said...

LOL, yep, and I have a feeling Maggie is the one that ate it. The tops are all purled except for the really small one which is knitted in the round. That is a good idea about Costco gingerbread house kits. I'll have to send Eric to get it. I've been really sick this whole week. I was just thinking, its been awhile since I've been sick, but it all started around Tuesday. I called in sick the whole week since Tuesday.

Acornbud said...

Yikes, call out the Dog Whisperer! I saw one of those Costco kits done up and they are really cute. I love your cupcakes and they look fat free:)